Cutting Options

Click here to download our “Poultry Cut Up Instructions” form in PDF format. We offer a wide variety of cutting options sure to meet any needs you may have.

The 6 piece cut features a whole bone-in breast, whole legs, whole wings and back. The breast, legs and wings are packaged in one clipped bag, with the back/neck bagged separate.

The 6 piece cut packaged. With multiple cut up birds, backs are bagged 2/bag.

Flat cut is a split down the back so the chicken can be flattened in your roaster or on grill for infusing all the heat and flavours into the bird.


The 1/2 piece cut is simply that.

Boneless Skinless Breast cut results in 2 breast pieces, 4 wing pieces, 2 drums, 2 thighs and the carcass.

Marketing Tip: Sales in groups of 2 cut-up birds simplify your orders.

Standard Packaging would apply with 1 breast/pkg, 2 drums/pkg, 2 thighs/pkg, 8 wing pieces/pkg, and 2 carcasses/pkg.

The bone-in split cut option leaves the breast meat with the bone-in and skin on. Legs and wings are split.

Bone-in, split-cut sample packaging.

Marketing in groups of 2 cut-up birds simplify orders.

Approximate yield from whole chickens when cut up boneless skinless are:

Carcass 35.48%
Whole Wings 10.82%
Wing Tips 1.40%
Drums 14.59%
B/S Thighs 9.75%
B/S Breast 23.57%
Wings w/o Tips 9.42%
Whole Legs 30.13%
Thighs 15.54%
Thigh Bones/Skin 5.79%