Do I need an appointment for my birds?
We recommend calling us BEFORE ordering‎ your chicks to check availability and book the processing date. Due to increasing demand, we have maxed our capacity for certain times of the year. To avoid disappointment, please call ahead to get your date booked, then order your chicks accordingly. We’d love to help you if we can!
What information do I bring in when I drop off my birds?
Bring in your Form 300 Small Flock Grower number for chickens. You should have received this from the hatchery when you picked up your chicks. Also bring along any instructions for cutting, packaging or saving giblets. This information MUST be handed in at the time of drop off.
Are there crates I can use?
We have available a supply of chicken crates for our customers to use. These are available the day before your scheduled processing day for you to pick up.
Do I label the crates I bring in?
Label any and all PERSONALLY OWNED crates that are brought here with your name and address. Do not label crates owned by Schefter Poultry. Personal crates will be washed and stacked in front of building. We are not responsible for missing crates, labels with your name and phone number make for easy identification amongst the stacks.
How many birds per crate?
We recommend 5 chickens per crate.
When do I pick up my order?
Orders are packaged in the afternoon and the next day after processing. It will depend on size and specifications of orders, so a scheduled pick up appointment will be arranged at the time of drop off.